9 02 2009

a video off youtube


11 12 2008

I used to own a car just like this, super slick bimmer with black leather interior. A great first car for a young man to own, I was sorry to see him go.


The Mighty Dunk

13 07 2008

Check out these sweet sneaks, faux mahogany side panel and crown motif.

Royally slick!

the best animal performance ever!

13 07 2008

this is wicked, there is a goat on a tight rope with a monkey on its back, the goat walks up and down the tightrope and then climbs onto a cup and turns around while the monkey does a handstand on its head.

skateboard plaster

13 07 2008

a quick flick through good old google images threw up this rather cute skateboard deck.

the crown that is on my desktop

13 07 2008

the openhouse

13 07 2008

The Openhouse is embedded into a narrow and sloping lot in the Hollywood Hills. Click HERE for more pics and info…

Glass is the favored wall material on this project. Making up 44 panels that can slide away for better landscape views, it’s the main focus of the home. Glass can also be found as fixed walls which offer more lighting to the interior.

To visually balance the glass, the home is filled with natural stone, dark stained oak and plaster, and has quartz flooring spanning the inside and outside of the home.